Dyslexia Friendly Tuition

What is Dyslexia?

“Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that mainly affects the development of literacy and language-related skills. It is characterised by difficulties with phonological processing, rapid naming, working memory, processing speed, and the automatic development of skills that may not match up to an individual’s other cognitive abilities.”

 – British Dyslexia Association

Some Common Difficulties Experienced by Dyslexics
Difficulties in converting speech sounds (phonemes) into written text
(graphemes), resulting in their reading and writing being below that
expected for their IQ.
b/d confusion after the age of 8.
Poor organisational skills.
Difficulty copying text, this is increased when copying from a board.
Our extra tuition works hand in hand to guarantee excellent results in Maths and English.

How can we help at Love to Learn Tuition?


We use a multi-sensory approach with our dyslexia friendly tuition to support students with reading and spelling, with structured and personalized filling in of phonic gaps. Our individual assessment ensures that students work on areas they need to, and are not overloaded with less important work.

As well as completing written worksheets, students at Love to Learn Tuition engage in learning by using audio and visual files on the PC, being encouraged to say words aloud with their teacher.

At Love to Learn, spelling and phonemic activities are revisited so children can recap and review work frequently, but with varied activities to engage and stimulate different parts of the brain.

If at the right age, we encourage students to join their handwriting to help them remember word shape. Additionally, all of our resources are prepared in fonts that are recommended for dyslexic students. Where necessary, we support students who prefer to use coloured overlays and paper to aid reading. Our main computer programme is set on a blue background.

When teaching writing, we work on techniques such as mind-mapping to help students to develop and remember their ideas.

Perhaps most importantly, our staff are all fully-qualified and experienced teachers, who all have experience of working with dyslexic students in school settings and at Love to Learn Tuition.

Our individual assessment and ongoing monitoring by your child’s tutor ensures that our provision is at exactly the right level and is tailored to their specific needs and learning styles.

Our Recipe for Success

  • Multi-sensory learning makes lessons accessible and fun.
  • Short and varied activities keep lessons interesting.
  • Qualified and experienced staff shape learning to your child’s needs.
  • A wealth of Love to Learn Tuition resources support and structure steady improvement from primary to GCSE level.
  • Separate study programmes that develop spelling skills.
  • An early reading programme combines study of letter and phoneme recognition with handwriting, grammar and vocabulary development.
  • Regular re-assessment demonstrates progress clearly.
  • Organisational skills are developed.
  • Associated difficulties in maths can also be addressed.
  • Dyslexia Friendly Tuition


    Your child will be carefully paired with a tutor that matches their specific needs. A bespoke learning plan will be created from your child’s assessment for them to work on each week.


    Our education centre features the latest technology and tutoring systems. These have been developed to help your child reach maximum potential and achieve all their goals.


    We provide regular feedback to you about your child’s progression. You can see how close they are to their goals and what areas need improving.


    We have the resources and the experience to help your child excel at their GCSEs and any other exams throughout their time in education.


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