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How does it work?

At Love to Learn we care a lot about every child. That’s why we take the extra time to create a unique learning programme that's specific to every single one of our students – to guarantee they achieve success!

Step 1 – Book your child’s FREE Assessment

At Love to Learn Tuition Centre every child starts off with an assessment. Together with a qualified tutor your child will complete a number of written and verbal comprehension tasks in a relaxed ‘non-test’ environment. The assessment takes approximately 40 – 60 minutes and allows us to work out your child’s strengths, weaknesses and understanding of the curriculum.

Step 2 – Create a learning programme

Once the assessment is complete the tutor will sit down with you to discuss the results. It’s also an opportunity for you to mention any objectives you have or any areas of study you want to focus on. Your child’s tutor will then use the findings from the assessment to create the learning plan that’s right for your child.

Step 3 – Meet your tutor

Once a bespoke learning plan has been created you’ll be carefully matched with a tutor that matches the specific needs of your child.

Step 4 – Let the tuition commence!

Children work in small groups of no more than 5 students. They learn at their own pace within a welcoming and stimulating environment where they want to learn.

Step 5 – Achieve your learning objectives

Feedback is important . We provide regular feedback to you about how your child is progressing so you can see how close they are to their goal and which areas they are improving with.

Why Love to Learn?

Through the years we have established a highly experienced team of like-minded teachers who share the same hunger to teach and take children (like yours) to the height of their potential.
When you enrol your child in Love to Learn you’re guaranteed:
  • A selection of tuition times to fit around your other commitments

  • FREE detailed lesson plan

  • Focussed one-to-one attention from our passionate and experienced tutors

  • Fun ways to learn through a wide range of learning resources and activities including computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and audio resources

  • A tutor that’s tailored specifically to your child’s needs 

Interested in joining?

We’d love nothing more than to speak to you about how we can assist your child to fulfil their potential. (After all, that’s what we’re passionate about). 
To positively change your child’s future give us a call today on 01656 746 701
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