What subjects do you teach?

English and Maths

What ages do you teach?

5 – 16 years

How do I know if my child is having trouble with their school work and what can I do about it?

Parents evening is often the best way to work out how your child is performing at school. It is worth talking to them about their homework and what they find most difficult. If your child starts disliking school it could be because they are struggling and have lost their confidence.

At Love to Learn, confidence-building is what we do best.

How do I know that my child will improve?

We’re yet to meet a child that hasn’t benefited from tuition. We provide updates and feedback about how they are performing. Our homework, coupled with the guidance and expertise of our tutors, improves your child’s self-esteem and ultimately their academic performance.

How long will it take to solve my child’s problem?

All children are unique which is why it’s important to attend a FREE assessment. The assessment helps us to develop a plan and set targets that are realistic for your child to work towards.

Do you tutor from home?

Nothing is better than face to face tuition. All of our tutoring is done in an optimal learning environment inside of our centre. Your child has access to all of our learning packages and technology and can progress without any distractions.

How long is each lesson?

80 minutes – broken up into ten and twenty minute activities to ensure your child is focussed throughout and gets the most out of their time.

What times are the sessions held?

Monday to Thursday

Session 1:  4:30pm to 5:50pm

Session 2:  6:10pm to 7:30pm


Session 1:  10:00am to 11:20am

Session 2:  11:40am to 1:00pm

Will my child get homework?

Yes. Homework is an essential part of any tuition process. We’re aware of existing school work so we only set a limit of around half an hour’s work each week. 

How should I help my child during their tuition at Love to Learn?

Inform your child’s school teacher they’re attending extra tuition so you can be informed of any improvements and areas that need attention outside of school hours. With homework, ensure you set a distraction-free environment for your child to learn in.